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Flow battery

An electrolyte containing one or more dissolved electroactive elements flows through an electrochemical cell that reversibly converts chemical energy directly to electricity. Additional electrolyte is stored externally, generally in tanks, and is usually pumped through the cell (or cells) of the reactor. Flow batteries can be rapidly “recharged” by replacing the electrolyte liquid.
We are planning to complete the development phase and the testing phases inside and outside the laboratories by the 2017, to deliver you a safe, guaranteed product.
Innovation Green Energy Storage innovative technology allows to store a great capacity of clean energy from renewable sources like wind and sun. The new organic flow battery will provide energy saving of private homes and small businesses, matching both the new market trends and the customers’ needs, by proving the economical and technological feasibility of AQDS-based storage systems.
Advantages Green Energy Storage new organic flow battery will give your home or business high performance, low cost, stable and long-lived energy storage, for we use non toxic, biodegradable organic materials which are proven to be safer and more convenient than the so-far used vanadium and iron. Our systems can also be connected at different level in the grid system targeting applications with demand of large amounts of energy (4 to 10 hours of discharge time).

Sustainability Green Energy Storage flow battery increases energy independence of medium to big volumes (from 100kW up to more than 1MW): the bigger the tanks are the more capacity the battery is able to store and deliver, without changing the size of the energy delivery system. Our technology, indeed, allows you to recharge your organic flow battery a big number of times maintaining a high energy density.
Financial Support Within the project Greenersys, Green Energy Storage S.r.l. in Trento will be given a contribution of 3 million euros for specific commitments for occupational, productive and scientific purposes and for the development of the so-called “Progetto Manifattura”. Green Energy Storage has also carried out the proposal GREENERNET to “Fast Track to Innovation” with the partnership of Aarhus Universitet, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Engineering and Evopro Innovation KFT , for which the society has already received a contribution of 2 million euros by the European Union.