29 September 2021

GES is part of the governance bodies of the IPCEI EuBatIn

GES is part of the governance bodies of the IPCEI EuBatIn

During the first General Assembly of the IPCEI European Battery Innovation (EuBatIn) held on 17th September 2021, Matteo Fedeli, Head of Planning & Business Development at GES, has been appointed as Workstream 3 leader (dedicated to Battery systems) within the Facilitation Group.

The election of a representative from GES to a governance body of the IPCEI acknowledges the active contribution provided to the European battery ecosystem and recognizes the relevance and importance of its knowledge and experience in the sector.

The Facilitation Group is composed of one Chair and one Co-Chair, and the four Workstream Leaders and Deputy-Leaders: all these members have been elected from the group of the direct participants.

The general scope of the group is to support the collaboration and communication within the overall European IPCEI project and towards third parties. This entails the drafting of the Executive annual report on Chapeau level with respect to the progress of Workstreams, organization of cooperation between the technology fields, the communication activities and the preparation of events.

GES wishes every success to Matteo Fedeli and all the members of the governance body.

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